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interactive screens

WordPress, the premier free open-source blogging utility, has gone through several upgrades in

Exhibition stands design

The buying of large-screen TVs has absolutely skyrocketed lately. It seems that everyone wants one –

Staff for events

Having used discount toner cartridges for twenty years, there have been a lot of changes in the

Wedding planners

Every avid independent filmmaker has dre amed about making that special interest documentary, or


Looking to buy a new computer Overwhelmed by all of the options available to you? Stressed by the

venues services

Shure’s Music Phone Adapter (MPA) is our favorite iPhone solution, since it lets you use the headphones

events manager

Over 92% of computers are infected with Adware and spyware. Such software is rarely accompanied by

Home made products

Computers have become ubiquitous in almost every facet of our lives. At work, desk jockeys spend hours in

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Re-imagining the way

News from French Riviera

Re-imagining the way
Nice flowers market

Maybe the flower sellers get this special treatment because of the importance of the flower market in Nice’s history. In 1897 Nice opened the first wholesale cut flower market in the world. The growers in the hills would bring down their cut flowers every morning. After the wholesalers had made their bulk purchases, the market would be opened for individuals to buy their bouquets.

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Re-imagining the way